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Our team of in-house translators have background in engineering and law so that the patent translations are technically accurate and formatted according with the guidelines of the national patent offices. Our Patent Attorneys practice not only in Mexico but through international associates before all of the patent offices in Latin America (v. g. Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, etc.). The average large translation we have made overnight contains 180K words plus charts, tables, etc. For an estimate please upload your files with the uploader on the left.


Whether it is a utility model, a patent of invention or an industrial design, our new inventions area in Mexico is set by the quintessential proficient industrial property team: patent attorneys, engineers, lawyers, translators, paralegals and clerks all of us bilingual and with a costumer service orientation. In the context of growth of the technological progress, to build a professional team from a legal and technical perspective is fundamental.  To ask for an estimate please contact us.


We reduce your risk, make your patent more cost-effective and provide unique protection of your IP assets. Our entirely-audited personnel guarantees your rights are handled professionally and safely. Our advanced patent portfolio tools ensure your IP is fully aligned with your business strategy.


Due Diligences and Consultancy Services. Availability Searches to determine the likelihood of registration and publication of trade and service marks, advertising slogans and trade names. Registration and Publication of trade and service marks, advertising slogans and trade names. Renewal of Registries and Publications. Processing of Authorizations for the use of Designations of Origin


With the world's most sophisticated patent management software (Patrix) and with more than 15 years' experience in the sector SPA, S. C. takes instructions on more than 500 patent cases every year. That acquaintance ensures all your renewals will be completed correctly and on time.


SPA currently provides a comprehensive range of services concerning the enforcement and protection of our clients’ IP rights by providing tailor-made advising to prevent future worries and legal risks or, if they come to happen, developing comprehensive legal strategies to solve them, taking into account veritable facts, the particular demands of the special client and the Mexican Law.



Pioneer in Innovative and Modern Industrial Property Services in Mexico


 During the 90´s the costs of intellectual property services rose 41% faster than prices of other legal services. Sergio Silva the managing partner felt that this situation represented both a market problem and a business opportunity. During the 2000's Silva opened his law firm "Silva & Associates".  Silva & Associates was one of the first Mexican IP Law firms in trusting the internet as a reliable mean to gain long-term clients as well as grow and maintain the business relation with them, instead of attending law industry international conferences. Silva Patent Attorneys provides customers with other benefits like due diligence, consulting services, cutting-edge technology by constantly updating or replacing systems, excellent responsive customer service, well-trained, responsive staff, simplicity and personalized attention to detail. Finally, Silva Patent Attorneys follows a customer-centric business to secure customers' loyalty. During 2007 Silva's business grew and opened an office in the most important avenue of the financial district in Mexico City: "Av. Paseo de la Reforma".

Diverse Client Base


The firm’s diverse client base has over its rich history included some Fortune 500 companies and ranges from high-profile, multinational corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises in a range of industries, including electronics and software, fashion, media and telecommunications, consumer and industrial goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, food and beverage, travel, financial and insurance services.  Silva established reputation as a leader in patent translations has also attracted numerous Language Service Providers affiliated with the legal and technical translation industries in addition to inventors in a variety of industries.  Our attorneys have a rich understanding of the intellectual property issues and challenges faced in particular industries, allowing us to provide a practical, business-minded approach.

The Silva's Advantage


Silva Patent Attorneys occupies market leadership in the intellectual property industry in America. The added value of the firm has been able to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage through cost leadership allowing schedule of professional fees to be guaranteed for years by developing long term relationships with in-house professionals and international associates.  


Innovative Tools and Technologies

Our clients have detecteed global intellectual property protection and management as one of their most important challenges in the future and Silva has developed innovative tools and technologies to help achieve success in this way.  Our firm has long provided services using the IP management software Patrix and since 2007 we implemented documents sharing among the firm's professionals as well as paperless office.  Using Silva as your IP protection provider can save your organization expense in communication and management costs while providing unmatched service, protection, and security. Silva Patent Attorneys constantly incorporates environmentally-friendly practices into office operations.




Tel: +52 (55) 9171-1429


Tel: +52 (55) 9171-1429


Tel: +52 (55) 9171-1429




S. C.


Av. Paseo de la Reforma 350 piso 11 Colonia Juárez,

Ciudad de México 06600


Tel: +52 (55) 9171-1429

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