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S & A is a Professional Firm of Patent Attorneys and Lawyers specialized in Intellectual Property (Intellectual Property and Industrial Property), oriented by international standards of quality multilaterally established at the OMPI, OMC and international treaties and financed with the resources that contribute proportionally their partners.

The central objective of S & A is to contribute to the development of the country through the benefit of highly specialized and qualified services, as well as to the investment in Mexico of new technology driven companies, able to offer technological innovation in an open and competitive world. The obtaining of rights of Intellectual Property and the defense of those already acquired constitutes the axis of the life of the firm. Our commitment is to promote better and solider cooperation between International Companies and Professional Firms, which demand us to open to the world. S & A is global, must be it, in its search of the World-Wide progress. As its condition of Intellectual Property firm in a country with innumerable challenges and deficiencies, S & A is also a community deeply rooted and jeopardized, with the problems and challenges that Mexico faces.

S & A is small in size, creative in their internal organization and great in their quality and aspiration of impact. Our Professional Firm is made up of 15 full time Professionals with Academic degrees of the best Universities of the world. Our portfolio of clients is exceptional in its combination of innovation merit and economic and geographic diversity.

The substantial activities of S & A are three: investigation and legal update; legal counseling and representation of the subjects of our clients before, Administrative, Judicial and Legislative Authorities, and before any other required Institution; and promotion of the Intellectual Property, as well as activities of entailment with Technological, Academic and Governmental centers. These activities are carried out in nine professional 'semi-divisions':

S & A is an open and plural community. A community that shows with pride and responsibility its condition of Association in Participation (A en P). A community that shares the idea that it is not only urgent, but also possible, to combine the intellectual rigor and the professional activity in favor of the effective equality of opportunities.


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